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Zwei Fälle von Schwindel und Kopfschmerzen

Two cases of dizziness and headache

Recently I had treated two patients with headache and dizziness.

The first patient is a man, 84 years old. He had suffered  headaches above the right ear for one year. According to his description, the pain was like hammering on his head. He had been diagnosed with Temporal arteritis, treated with prednisone, 60 mg at the beginning. Then the  headache reduced, but the dizziness still persisted. He cannot walk in straight line. Usually the dizziness got worse in the morning, and relieved at noon. When he came to my practice, the prednisone has been reduced to 30 mg, but the dizziness has not improved. I found his tongue was a little redder than normal. His face was also quite red, like drunk . All these symptoms reminded me that his dizziness and headache was caused by excessive heat produced by liver Yang.  Therefore I treated him with acupuncture and Chinese herbs to neutralize  his liver heat. Each session of treatment made him feel better. At the end of the 10th session, his dizziness had almost gone. He was very satisfied with the treatment. 

The second case is a woman, 80 years old. She reported dizziness and a slight headache. She complained of imbalance,  and walked a little wobbly. She had a history of brain infarction. So she worried this may be  a sign of a new stroke. I checked her and found no signs of stroke. The tongue is relatively red, blood pressure is normal. Her eyelids got sticky in the morning, and often had a little secretions. These symptoms reminded me again that her excessive liver heat caused her balance problem. After acupuncture treatments to reduce her liver heat, she walked  more steadily. 

Lots of dizziness can be caused by ear problems, like Meniere's disease, which in Chinese medicine can be explained by  too much water retention  or blood circulation problem in the ear.  Some dizziness can be induced by poor circulation in the brain, which also have different causes. So sometimes it is not easy to find out the reason. But in Chinese medicine,  the dizziness can also be diagnosed with TCM theory,   and treated successfully.

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