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Trockene Augen können mit Akupunktur und chinesischen Kräutern behandelt werden

Dry eyes can be treated by acupuncture and Chinese herbs

In the last several years, I treated several patients with dry eyes. Their dry eyes have different causes, one was caused by Sjogren's syndrome, the second was due to radiation therapy of eye’s tumor, and the third one had an unknown reason, maybe it was caused by hormone changes after menopause.

All three patients’ dry eyes were getting much better after treatments. I mainly use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help them.

There are many acupuncture points that can treat eye problems. For example, acupuncture can get rid of too much heat, or help circulation in the eyes and nourish the different parts of eye tissues. The specific Chinese herb formula is quite good at controlling the autoimmune reaction in the eyes, particularly Sjogren's syndrome. It has been recorded by other Chinese medicine specialist that the specific herb formula is very effective in treating dry eyes of Sjogren's syndrome. I also confirmed the effectiveness with my experiences.

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